Astoria Sunset Room Plus Renovations

Astoria, NY

Program: Rooftop and Cellar Exercise Rooms,  Exterior Facades & Kitchen
Area: 2000sf
Status: Design 2023

This project has four parts: rooftop addition and cellar home gym, kitchen renovation and new exterior facades including porch restoration.  Inspired by the amazing view from their rooftop, these owners would like to create a “sunset room” on the roof for exercise and relaxation. They additionally want to have work out equipment in the cellar so there will two distinct types of exercise spaces: one carved in the earth and one perched in the sky.  The project began with a detailed zoning analysis to see the floor area and volume available on the rooftop.  Then, the new exterior cladding options were studied to see how to best approach both the charming historic front of the house and the contrasting more asymmetrical contemporary rear facade.  These two facades bookend the house and provide the backdrop for two very different outdoor experiences – public street and private plunge pool (completed by Heim Architect in 2015).  A new window configuration will be introduced at the upper floor in the rear to allow the renovated kitchen an expansive view of the yard with its dramatic plunge pool.