Hamilton Court Dormer / Attic

Sunnyside, NY

Program: Residential Renovation
Area: 500 sf
Status: Completed 2007

The impetus for this project was to repair a leaking, rotting unsightly dormer, built in the 1940’s. The new owners of the house requested that the dormer be repaired and the space in the attic be designed for use as a playroom for their children. The project began the year before the Sunnyside Gardens District was landmarked and became one of the first approved projects in 2007. The owners agreed to move the edge of the dormer back from the face of the rear facade to make it more appropriately scaled. Vermont slate was used to repair the edge of the original slate roof. The dormer roof pitch was also more appropriately sloped to diminish the volume and three windows were place inside the wood clapboard siding with trim. Inside, custom wood bookcases, cabinets and closets were created. The ceiling dramatically folds over to reveal the existing wood tie beams. The dormer provides a charming view over the beautiful central garden of Hamilton Court.