Jamaica Urban Revitalization II

Jamaica, Queens

Program: Facade and Storefront Renovations
Area: Varies
Status: Phase II: Design 2019,2020; Completed (2) 2020, Construction (1) 2021

As part two of the Downtown Jamaica Storefront Improvement Program, Laura Heim Architect is continuing to work with 10 local property owners and businesses to design and complete exterior building renovation projects which will add charm and clarity to the streetscape experience in the rapidly revitalizing area of Jamaica, Queens.  Coordinated by the New York City Business Assistance Corporation, a not-for-profit closely affiliated with the New York City Department of Small Business Services, the program reimburses up to 75% of the cost of the eligible improvements up to a maximum grant.  These incremental upgrades and improvements encourage other properties to join this effort to enhance the experience of downtown Jamaica.  Participants in this phase include a gift shop, furniture stores, an electronic store and a nail salon.  The design process involves meeting the business owners to hear their ideas, incorporating and elaborating on them to establish a more consistent approach to the storefronts designs working within guidelines generated by the Jamaica NOW Leadership Council.