Lincoln Court Kitchen

Sunnyside, New York

Program: Kitchen / Dining Room & Storage
Area: 325sf
Status: Completed Winter 2014

Located in historic Sunnyside Gardens, this kitchen renovation involved opening the existing orginal compartmentalized kitchen to the adjacent dining room area. Storage cabinets and a new counter with the sink define the two areas while the visual connection is still maintained. The light wood cabinets create an open, clean look with the soffit wrapping around the cabinets and cascading randomly along the wall creating shelving. The entry to the cellar has been ingeniously integrated into a storage pantry cabinet to match the other drawers and upper cabinets. Flooring and counters are a neutral gray with the cheerful light green accent glass wall tiles for the backspash and wall cubby. Anew door and window were installed to allow for the maximum counter space and provide abundant light into the kitchen.

Lincoln Court Kitchen - Laura Heim Architect