Lobby Guard Room Prototype

Coney Island, Far Rockaway, Brighton Beach, New York

Program: Lobby Guard Room
Area: 90sf
Status: Design Completed 2020; Completed Brighton 2022; Coney Island & Far Rockaway 2023

This study, commissioned by JASA (Jewish Association Serving the Aging), one of New York’s largest non-profit agencies serving older adults in New York City, involved developing a prototype to be adaptable for numerous locations in the lobbies of the properties they manage.  The program was to provide a safe and secure location for the guard in the lobby that worked well with the existing vestibule and lobby conditions and still provided a smooth, accessible, and welcoming entry sequence.  With the concerns of the Covid19, the semi-enclosed guard stations will perform another well designed function and are very timely.  Three lobbies in beach front locations were first used to explore options for layout and function; Surf, Seagirt and Brighton.