Madison Court House

Sunnyside, New York

Program: Residential Renovation
Area: 900sf
Status: Construction 2023

The goal of this project in Sunnyside Gardens is to dramatically re-imagine the interior spaces while maintaining the charming historic exterior.   The owners have lived in the house for forty years and felt it was time for an update. Located at the end of the mews, the house uniquely has a front and rear entry from the garden and alleyway and has three sides visible from the street.  The first floor will have new finishes and a renovated kitchen with more usable counter space and ample storage.  Care was taken to screen appliances from view upon entry to the house while improving their functional layout. The second floor bathroom will be updated and reconfigured.  A new min-split HVAC system will be installed.  The renovation will create the feeling of a new house for the owners who wish to remain in the neighborhood.