Ostblick Camp Redo

Raymond, Maine

Program: Seasonal Camp
Area: 700sf
Status: Completed 2021

Ostblick, a charming summer camp, enjoys a beautiful lakeside site on Raymond Pond. The existing camp is square plan with a central stone fireplace and a long front porch with striking views to the lake. The space is very open, without insulation, defined simply by exposed studs, rafters and pine floors.  In late February 2020,  a 40′ tree blew over onto the camp.  Fortunately, the first point of contact was along a post support with a rock foundation so the entire structure was spared, but severely damaged.  Given the framing repair had to be completed, the misfortune became an opportunity to redesign the interior to be more open, functional and clean.  In addition, new single pane double hung windows were custom made and installed to add light and ventilation to the camp.  Since the camp was originally built in the 1950s, the new work will be “50s fun” inspired.  A new mobile storage closet unit will allow for flexible plan arrangements.  Going to camp from a dense urban environment allows for a renewed connection to nature and the lake.