Ostblick Vertical

Raymond, Maine

Program: Camp Addition
Area: 600sf
Status: Design 2016

This summer camp, Ostblick, enjoys a beautiful lakeside site on Raymond Pond.  The existing camp is square plan with a central stone fireplace and a long front porch with striking views to the lake.  The space is very open, without insulation, defined simply by exposed studs, rafters and pine cabinets and floors.  The design of this addition will provide additional sleeping areas as well as a reconfigured kitchen and living/dining area within the main camp space.  Respecting the shoreline zoning and existing site, the new volume will be located via a bridgeway on the southwest corner of the camp, away from the lake and entry.  The circulation is expressed moving with the slope of the site along the most public side while the opposite side splays open in plan to receive the slice of a view of the lake on the more private side of the camp.  The two new bedrooms are stacked creating a vertical ostblick, eastern view.