Plunge Pool

Astoria, NY

Program: Plunge Pool, Storage, Garage
Area: 450 sf
Status: Completed 2015

In order to further enjoy this tight urban rear yard, an existing 1920’s garage, located behind a row house, is being redesigned to accommodate both a one car garage and a new plunge pool. The garage maintains its position at the end of the narrow driveway occupying half the volume and the other half will have the plunge pool and surrounding terraces. The entry sequence begins from the center overlooking the pool and then moves around the pool through a series of terraces and stairs. Finally, the point of arrival is an open upper terrace for sunbathing and socializing. The two terrace levels are further rendered distinct by the use of floor tiles of varying color, pattern and texture but they relate spatially in section with the overlook and glass railing. It is envisioned that the new spaces will provide rest and relaxation as well as visual delight when viewed from the second floor of the house.