Q-Care Affordable Medical Care Offices

Elmhurst, NY

Program: Medical Office
Area: 2100 sf
Status: Completed 2010
Queens Chamber of Commerce Design Award 2010
Queens & Bronx Building Award 2010

This medical office interior was designed for a new general practice which opened in Elmhurst, NY to provide quality affordable medical care. Located at the base of the base of a six story brick apartment building, the office required an accessible ramp entry and a series of six exam rooms, accessible bathrooms, waiting area and nurses’ station. The project required a clean, functional design within a limited budget. Every effort was made to introduce color and wood finishes creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The new plan resolved the existing conditions very well with the entry dividing the space into a waiting area versus exam rooms and support on the opposite side. The circulation spine organizes the plan clearly and provides variety and light open areas along the corridor.