Sunnyside Row House

Sunnyside, NY

Program: 2nd Floor Renovation
Area: 650 sf
Status: Completed 2012

Located in Sunnyside, this renovation involved the redesign of the second floor of a row house to provide an elegant bathroom and reconfigured storage areas. The project consisted of three specialty items: a custom marble mosaic shower, new teak vanity sink, and shoji screen wall. The bathroom was transformed from a sixties style pink bathroom with separate shower and tub to a dramatic simplified space with a glass shower surrounded by a custom mosaic inspired by the unfolding of ferns across the two rear walls. The cool white and gray stone is complimented by a warm custom teak vanity wrapped by a delicate teak frame support. The hallway door to the master bedroom glides on expressed barn door hardware to reveal a view into the bed room which has a full wall of shoji screens concealing the clothing and linen storage. The shoji screen language plays off the existing black metal windows. Finally, the den has a new storage wall unit which cleverly sets back with a bookcase on one side to allow space for the door. The insertion of these design elements creates a striking new ambiance for each of the spaces.