The Towers Garden Fence

Jackson Heights, NY

Program: Historic Garden Fence
Area: 60lf
Status: Completed 2022

The Towers, a 1924 historic garden apartment complex designed by Andrew J. Thomas, consists of eight buildings that span an entire city block between 34th Avenue and Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights.  The elegant interior gardens, designed by Noel Chamberlain, create a unique interior sunken central court, visible from 34th Avenue.  Currently, the open end of this garden along busy 34th Avenue is protected by a tall chain link fence, as the original wrought iron guard is long gone.  The Towers Coop commissioned Heim Architect to study alternative designs to replace this fence with a more historically appropriate solution.  The new fence design follows the configuration of the historic low apse-like masonry garden wall with details derived from the side garden gates. The new fence will enhance the appearance from the street and garden while providing safety. The presentation was recorded and can be viewed. Click here.  The proposal was unanimously approved at a full Hearing of the NYC Landmarks Commission on January 5th, the first approval of 2021.