Woodside Rooftop Addition

Woodside, NY

Program: Penthouse with Terrace
900sf Rooftop; 260sf Addition
Design 2015

This rooftop addition involves extending the staircase from the second floor to create a magical children’s room on the roof as well as a compact bathroom. The addition is perched above the existing roof with new decking for plants and entertaining. The final interior space will have sliding panels to create spatial options as well as custom designed built in furniture. The circulation spirals around the bathroom with a long glass block hallway to the bedroom with access to the roof along the way. Tripane windows and insulation will maximize energy efficiency and an innovative toilet / sink combo wall hung fixture will directly use gray water from the lavatory for the toilet. The rooftop addition will provide a more comfortable second floor and a unique opportunity to enjoy the urban views from above while within in a protected garden.