Terrace House Featured in New York Living

Designed by Laura Heim, the Terrace House in Sunnyside Gardens, Queens will be featured in a new Rizzoli publication, New York Living: Re-Inventing Home.  From the press release, “New York Living celebrates this vast potential while exploring contemporary...

Sunnyside: Touring a History of Housing Reform

At the invitation of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce, Laura Heim contributed an article about significant housing located in Sunnyside, complete with photographs, published in the Daily News’ feature on the neighborhood. (link)

Greening St. Pauls

Laura Heim’s letter to the editor, Greening St. Paul’s, was posted in the Garden City News. The letter emphasized the environmental importance of saving the beautiful 1880’s St Paul’s School located in Garden City, NY.

Accessorized with Stroller and Rake

The New York Times Habitats column of the Sunday Real Estate section featured a Sunnyside Gardens Roosevelt Court Kitchen Renovation project by Laura Heim Architect PLLC. As shown in the photos from the article, the open kitchen design and details create a modern...

Hidden Away in Frenetic Queens

The New York Times Real Estate section featured an article, complete with dramatic photos, of a Sunnyside Gardens attic renovation designed by Laura Heim.