Far Rockaway Solariums

Far Rockaway, NY

Program: Solariums
Area: 140sf x 15 floors = 2100sf
Status: Construction 2017

A series of four affordable housing buildings create a court with dramatic views to the ocean in Far Rockaway.  The properties are managed by JASA (Jewish Association Serving the Aging), one of New York’s largest non-profit agencies serving older adults in New York City.  The office is working on a series of renovation projects including hallway designs and in one building, ideas for the use of now vacant solarium spaces.  The concept will be to have six prototypes for uses and create bid packages so that they can be completed in stages.  The six room themes will be Living Room, Beach Deck, Games, Lounge, Internal/External and Library.  The finishes, lighting and furnishings will be selected to reinforce the use.  The variety of types of spaces on 15 floors will enhance the experience of the social spaces in the building.