Hamilton Court West House

Sunnyside, NY

Program: Residential Renovation
Area: 1500sf
Status: Construction 2024

The main program component for this one family house renovation in Sunnyside Gardens is to provide a new master bedroom, with bathroom, in the existing third floor attic space. The steep pitch of the existing roof creates a dramatic interior space with challenging spatial demands given the varying ceiling height. The renovation features new finishes and restored hardwood floors.  In the cellar, there will be an exercise space, laundry and ample storage.  The exterior will be completely restored with all new six over six wood windows as well as include new cladding on the porch to reflect a more traditional Sunnyside porch style.  Since this large one family house is situated at the mews through block crossing, there are two masonry facades visible from the street where the neighboring three family sets back.  The restoration will make a more impactful contribution to the streetscape with this prominent corner location.