Harrison Place House

Sunnyside Gardens, NY

Program: Residential Renovation
Area: 1500sf
Status: Completed 2018

Uniquely located adjacent to the Sunnyside Gardens Park, this house, once renovated, will have a spacious open living / dining area and comfortable recreation room in the cellar.   The new kitchen will include a peninsula cooking area with ample counter space for food preparation.  The rear wall of the kitchen will have an accent tile backsplash over the sink with open shelves by the window.   Downstairs, the space will be reconfigured to provide a TV area as well as desk, with custom storage shelves, as well as a new bathroom.  Harrison Place was the last of the blocks built in Sunnyside (1928), and the house configuration includes a 20′ width and entry vestibule.  The extra width (17.5′ typical) dramatically opens up the kitchen dining area visually and provides more space for custom cabinet storage.