Heim Architect Studio

Sunnyside, New York

Program: Architect’s Office & Apartments
Area: 1100sf
Status: Studio Completed 2018 & 2 Apartments Completed 2021

Our new architectural office is located on the ground floor of a two story building on charming Skillman Avenue at the edge of Sunnyside Gardens. The previous owner was a cabinet maker and prior to that the space was the neighborhood candy shop.  We approached the design as an interplay of old and new.  We restored the original pine wood floors throughout as well as the pressed tin ceiling to the front and rear of the space.  In the center, where the tiles were heavily damaged, a soffit was dropped which contains the new HVAC as well as raceway for the electrical and cable.  The soffit ceiling then dramatically steps up to the right where Solatubes now bring natural light into the center of the space from the lightwell above.  The office has a meeting area, design/work area, lecture and exhibit space as well as kitchenette and rear garden.  The bricked in storefront has been restored to glass which will improve the quality of the streetscape.  Click HERE to understand the making of the new space. Additionally, the two second floor apartments and shared hallway have subsequently been renovated.