Jackson Heights Residence

Jackson Heights, Queens

Program: Residential Renovation
Area: 2790sf
Status: Design 2018

Located in the Jackson Heights Historic District, this large attached house required upgrades and modernization on the interior to create a more fluid open ground floor as well as an updated master bedroom and bathroom suite.  The master plan for the house includes work on all three floors as well as minor exterior enhancements.  The main goal is to open up the rear of the house to create a large kitchen / dining area for social gatherings and everyday family time and cooking.  By removing the existing wall between the kitchen and dining room and placing the kitchen on the opposite side, a very long, elegant unobstructed kitchen counter with appliances will exist along the window wall and be expressed as furniture floating in the space.  A new powder room will be added as well as a pantry and desk area.  The project will be completed in phases with Phase I scheduled to begin this summer.