Study in the Woods

Amherst, MA

Program: Residential Addition
Area: 1500sf
Status: Completed 2016

The existing rural house belongs to two academics who not only needed a functional garage but also desired a large light filled study with a view to the surrounding forested landscape. The goal was to provide an addition accommodating these program elements without overshadowing the scale of the traditional existing New England house.  While several studies were completed with various orientations and dormer configurations, the selected massing layout is the shear/ bar scheme.    This sensitive scheme sets the garage/study back from the main house and has the breezeway connecting the two volumes.  This interstitial entry space extends as a bar into the rear yard terminating with a panoramic screened porch.  The new second floor will house the library, work desks, and a seating area. The second floor bathroom will also be renovated.  The elevated height of the new study will provide distinct views to the landscape from the house, as well as a quiet place for reading and reflection.