Three Family Bathroom

Sunnyside Gardens, New York

Program: Bathroom
Area: 35sf
Status: Completed 2018

A neighbor in Sunnyside Gardens approached Heim Architect stating she admired the architect’s bathroom and wanted hers transformed as well.  Located in a three family residence in Sunnyside Gardens, the original bathroom had numerous layers of finishes which had been applied over time.  The bathroom space was completely gutted (gaining several inches) and reconfigured to include a generous shower and ample built in wall storage areas for towels and typical bathroom sundries.  This thick wall ends short of the ceiling topped with a linear light fixture which provides indirect cove lighting. The clean large format tile was placed along the walls and floor which creates a serene backdrop for the bold cobalt blue mosaic accent tile on the shower floor and in the cubbies.  The space becomes very calm and open giving the feeling being transported away when taking one’s morning shower.